Good news (if you love mangoes that is)

US President Bush is on a visit to India. It is considered a strategically important visit for both countries and an important item on the agenda seems to be a historic nuclear cooperation treaty. In short, not the kind of stuff my tiny brain can deal with. So I was mostly unmoved by the hype till I ran into the following in a news item here:

Bush and Singh announced new bilateral cooperation on issues from investment, trade and health to agriculture, the environment and even mangoes. Bush agreed to resume imports of the juicy, large-pitted fruit after a 17-year ban.

Explaining the newsworthiness of this item to someone who has never laid tastebuds on an Indian Alphonso mango is like describing colour to the blind. If there is a food I would call heavenly, it is this. In the past, the easiest way to have fresh Alphonsos for someone living in the US (atleast for the last 17 years or so) was to visit India in the summer. Not any more.

Another related news article here.


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