Some Books

Most books I have read, I had to track down. Here are some that found me and I’m glad they did. They were unlike anything I had ever read before. After reading each of these, I had this rare feeling – the feeling that I had grown up just a tiny bit between beginning and end.

The Dark CrusaderAlistair MacLean

Age about 12. A rather disappointing trip to the raddiwallah, since it hadn’t yielded any books by authors I was familiar with. I had reluctantly picked this one up. I don’t think there are many Alistair MacLean books I did not devour in subsequent years.

Second FoundationIsaac Asimov

Age 16. The library had been flooded and they were they were throwing out books that had been “damaged”. My brother happened to be around and he picked up some for me. Another book on this list was a collection of novels by Raymond Chandler.

To Kill a MockingbirdHarper Lee

Age 19. A friend who lived a few doors down in the dorm lent me this one. I don’t think I put it down till I finished it.


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